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3-6 years old

Our Flagship Program

Runs September 6th, 2023 through June 18th, 2024 

          September 4th, 2024 through June 17th, 2025 

At first glance, the children at Fidalgo Nature School are engaged in the occupations of a busy preschool program: fishing in puddles with long sticks; climbing trees at the edge of the forest; building forts and nests with fallen branches; exploring new ways to use familiar art materials; cooperating with a partner to kick a ball back and forth in the open space; looking at picture books and telling each other their own stories; hauling huge pieces of driftwood to the water with friends, heaving them in and noticing which way the waves take them. It looks like they are just playing. But play provides the rich experience through which children learn. Our up to 16 student classes are staffed by 3 teachers, giving ample opportunity for individual attention and small group activities.

There is a daily rhythm to each day of learning and play:

  • 30 minutes of free play

  • 15 minute morning circle and story

  • toileting, handwashing and snack

  • adventure and activities at the shore, field or forest

  • toileting, handwashing and lunch

  • 15 minute closing circle

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