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Preschool Enrollment


General enrollment is open! Please click on the button above to register. First choice schedules may not be available for every family, including returning families, ​​but we will try to honor preferred schedules whenever possible. Families already on the waitlist when general enrollment opens will need to re-submit an enrollment packet but will retain their position on the waitlist if they register by March 17.


Through our online classroom management system (via Procare), families can fill out forms, waivers, and releases for their child(ren) online. If you prefer paper registration, please email: with your mailing address or call #360.375.3809. Currently enrolled families will access registration forms via email to their address(es) listed in Procare.


We do accept enrollment packets on a rolling basis throughout the year except for the months leading up to March, when we close enrollment in order to update our forms and processes for the coming school year.

2023/ 2024 ​Schedule & Tuition

In 2023-2024 we will be offering four weekly schedule options. Tuition is calculated for the whole school year and divided into 10 equal monthly payments. We increased tuition in order to maintain current daily operations including fair staff wages and student financial assistance.

  • 4 days/wk- Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri from 9:30a-1:30p. ($702/mo)

  • 3 days/wk- Mon, Wed, Fri from 9:30a-1:30p, except Wed from 9:30a-3:30p ($614/mo)

  • 2 days/wk- Tues, Thurs from 9:30a-1:30p ($351/mo)

  • 1 day/wk- Wed from 9:30a-3:30p ($264/mo) 

On Wednesdays, almost half of the class receives free tuition when referred to our program by our Samish Longhouse and Skagit ECEAP partners. Free outdoor clothing will be provided. Any other families interested may sign up to be placed on the waitlist for these limited free spots. Placements will not be communicated until mid August. 


If payment is challenging, please complete a registration packet anyway! We do our best to provide reduced or free tuition for families who need it. There will be space to indicate this on the enrollment form, and we will be in touch by August with options.


Instead of asking for application fees or deposits,  we are requesting that the entire registration packet be filled out at the time of enrollment to demonstrate your commitment to sending your child to Fidalgo Nature School. Receipt of a complete registration packet is required to hold your child(ren)’s place in the class or on the waitlist. Please follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Review the current school documents You will be required to acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to review these documents prior to submitting the registration packet. Policies may be revised and reshared in August 2023.

  2. Prepare necessary paper or scanned forms. These forms must be signed by you and/or your child’s medical provider. You may print and scan these to attach to your enrollment packet as PDF files. If you do not have a printer/scanner, please proceed through the enrollment forms. You will be able to submit without attaching the forms. After submitting, please email right away to make arrangements for delivering your form(s).

    • Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS). This may be downloaded from, or printed, filled out, and signed by your child’s medical provider.

    • Certificate of Exemption (Personal/Religious or Medical). Children may be exempted from immunization with a certificate of exemption signed by the parent/guardian and a health care practitioner. Students who are not vaccinated against MMR will only be accepted with a medical or religious exemption. Washington Administrative code requires that children exempted from vaccines will be excluded from care if an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease occurs.

    • Medication Authorization. Required only if it may be necessary for staff to administer medications to your child.

    • Individual Care Plan. Required only if you and your behavioral specialist or healthcare provider want one for the needs of the child.

  3. Click here to fill out your registration packet 


Questions? Email:

     Phone: #360.375.3809

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